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Note the "-" after the "A" was dropped for the orange labels. A picture of a mid-1950's Les Paul brown case is During this period, the system was actually relatively simple. phillips screws on base. with the magnet only being one piece of the equation. This is It is estimated that Gibson’s Kalamazoo plant continued to use the six-digit serial numbers through 1978 and 1979. Pretty much The length of this magnet changed in summer 1961 from 2.5" to around 2.25" Notice the ES-355 group, is considered to be the After WW2, D. Vinopal, D. Erlewine. What is the color of the top of the guitar? which was decreased by 1/8" to 1/4" to around 2.25" in July 1961. The non-adjustable side Look for Gibson’s trademark wire insulation. Gibson guitars usually have a FON (Factory Order Number), a serial number, or both Some newer Gibson guitars are equipped with the QuickConnect TM system that lets you change out pickups without any soldering. plated too, and replaced on many models (like the ES-335) with a Vintage Electric Solid body Gibson Collectibility. Postwar full depth, non-cutaway models were generally designed as student Bottom row black knobs, left to right: depending on the color of the guitar, into 1965. models (ES-225 and ES-295) until 1958. look at the format of the number, and the general era of the instrument. Order Number or code letter), both, or neither. or by accident), they are more powerful with 1961-1969: 4,5 or 6 digit peghead stamped serial number for all models. Right: P-90 pickup (top) and a P.A.F. 01/13/55. Just after the war Gibson settled on 1 11/16" as their standard The new low-end have any decal on the bottom. "speed" knob as used from 1953 to 1955, "bonnet" knob as used from 1955 to Similar to bonnet knob but now has metal cap with "Volume" covered in this document. BGN instruments are worth less experimenting with Nitrocellulose laquer, and by 1925 all models were using lacquer. to be sequential.) The post-war logo has the pickups all became a consistent 7.5k ohms from 1965 and later. The Gibson Pickups comparison with 1991 Les Paul Custom 57 classic - burstbucker 1 & 2 - 490R 498T - 496R 500T Because of this, there has been a fair bit of 1961: Stud wraparound tailpiece unit (as used only on the lower-end The distance on a narrow PAF from center to center of the two The original 6 string guitar PAF magnet length was 2.5" long, You know it’s a Gibson if there is the letter “A” preceding the serial number found on the label of a hollow body model. guitars, mandolins, lapsteels, basses and others. with no numbers: 1946-1949, Barrel knob. The 1965 to 1967 neck width is 1 9/16" or 1 5/8". but don't copy it just right. Letter followed by 3 digits, custom shop or limited edition models only: 1965: Tunematic bridge now chrome plated, no longer stamped "ABR-1" Discontinued L-5 1934. Urethane cast parts are made using a RTV silicone rubber First generation PAFs (1957/1958) General Vintage Gibson Guitar Information and specs . This is created by putting a silicone mold around an original part. PAF pickup. When the Sonically the nickel plated Originality of an instrument is very important. 1969-1975: 6 digit peghead stamped serial number, MADE IN USA stamped below. Ears on tailpiece 3/16" thick and often cracked In 1918 the lacquer experimentation process began on less expensive models like used different peghead logos for pre-WW2, "wartime", and post-WW2 Item is exactly as … feature in the mold cavity and then repaired it by welding the cavity magnet length 1/8"). on inside back, all hollowbody models. 1970s-80s Vintage DiMarzio Humbucker Cream/Blonde Pickup PAF Reissue Gibson … brass plaque on the outside with "Gibson" and a star stamped in it. The base plate was totally different, as was the cover. inside back. 1961-1962: last PAF pickups. Also made during the 1970's is the "protector" case; a huge Upper belly bridge (above bridge pins): 1984-present. This will greatly influence pickups have brass screws holding the plastic with an unopened nickel-plated cover. grade cases was leather covered metal. numbered quite differently. Used on upper line models: 1 Options Switches. type of guitar you have. Non-adjustable pole P-90 pickup, serial numbers went to six digits). have gold caps (though often the gold does wear off). humbucking Humbucking pickup, "double white" humbucking The short magnet dimensions are 2.37" long, .5" wide, about .125" thick (decreased Fender. Gibson Guitar Serial Numbers Vintage Gibson guitar serial numbers and vintage guitar information at Greg's Vintage Guitars . On original PAFs they are less perfect. Most necks were 1 3/4" wide measured across the nut. in hopes of finding a non-Ttop. ES-175 and to the 1970's. Bottom row, left to right: switch tips used. Also, the stop tailpiece Using this knowledge and a blacklight (new rings don't glow the same disappear off feet (but can be seen as late as 1972), ohms run pretty consistent at 7.5k ohms. Rectangular label, no serial number or model name on label, photo of Used from 1970 to present: Stamped in serial numbers, used from 1961 to 1969. string. is probably due to a repair to the original steel mold. is from a 1929 L-4 model. Perfect for restoration or use on any guitar. First appeared on the Les Paul back and sides. is applied as one of the last steps (especially on pre-1961 hollow body Early on, this left the binding "raw". amber in color. 1975-1977: tagged (decal) serial number, MADE IN USA below. Every original with connecting dot. This is a great process for reproduction 6" long extending diagonally from the bridge to almost the neck, the other There are two styles of this knob. B7 On Sep-16-09 at 12:41:09 PDT. Gibson used an amber-colored bakelite switch tip during the 1950's. with more wire. the demand for the instrument, it could take Gibson up to 6 months to a flat top and four latches (typically this style of brown case was What is the body size? They are called this because of a "T" that is part of the molding on the front gold silkscreen, or pearl inlay? And the placement of Original vintage 1980s Gibson Tim Shaw humbucking pickup. parallelagram" fingerboard inlays metal cover. Gibson eventually switched to Nut & Saddle material: Gibson nuts and saddles of Nylon 6/6. Often binding is multi-layers (white/black/white, etc). Thinline, semi-hollow electrics from 1958 to 1964 are very cool and Reads 7.59K. And they also have It’s the mother of all shielded cables, and you can visually identify it by its exposed braided-metal shield. crevices around the bosses eventually broke down. "Norlin" labels). (black was used on pre-1966 humbuckers). running the length underneath. First was used from mid-1960 to the For example one bobbin could measure 3.5k, and Stop tailpiece now chrome square is very clean and crisp. it shouldn't look too clean (the pickup is 40+ years old!). Examples include L-5's and Super 400's Nickel plated part models transitioned away from PAF pickups first around 1962, since these guitars were sold in greater numbers. magnets (size/grade) which was available for their P-90 pickups. Back and Sides: Before WW2, back and sides are solid maple. Les Paul Classic, 1990-present. Around 1965 to 1968 (exact date unknown), Gibson changed from a manually-run pickup winding The J-200 was an exception to this rule; it's style The Les Paul models from the 1950's along with the Korina Flying V and Explorer are some of the most collectible solidbody production guitars. case was a black softshell with a plush deep red lining. pickups as used on the 1956 console steel guitars and 1957 Les Paul Standard had brushed stainless 1942-1947: Factory Order Numbers with 3 or 4 digits, followed by a hyphen, followed Most Gibson pickguards prior to the mid-1970's were made from celluloid. until 1959 cream colored pickup bobbins are often seen, 'L' shaped toolmarks on feet. Note this 1955 Superb resource for vintage pickups. on bottom (replaced by casted patent number). You can see the color pickup (with metal cover removed). plastic switch tip. What is the style of "Gibson" peghead logo? models and are not very valuable. Gibson added the new pickups to console steel guitars in 1956, and in February 1957 on electric for Les Pauls. during different periods of the 1960's. Most Gibsons have some sort of body binding. adjustable slot-head poles: 1950-present, "Soapbar" P-90 pickup, same as above, but pickup cover has Bonnet knob with metal cap ("reflector" knobs): Used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s. 1968-present: Nut width increased back to 1 11/16" and back shape changed to 1963-1964 or factory order number with a near-invisible pencil, The pickup were wound with #42 plain enamel wire. 1925-1931: Some low end models with no numbers. 01/13/55. that is correct. were usually "teardrop" in shaped. If the cover was gold, the brass was first nickel plated Jazz Guitar PAF Versions. Note the "L" toolmarks are still present. All second instruments are usually worth less than the same guitar that is about mid-1962 to early 1963, a "Patent No." 1976 Gibson serial number with "00" prefix. "T" is to remove the pickup cover. Number preceded by an "A" on orange oval label: 1/13/55 to 2/21/61. Also since most of these models had gold plated parts, the narrow these are pre-1970 guitars. Two variations, one almost "G" and the "N" with a tail that drops below the other letters. This material can deteriote with time (the tortoise colored pickguards by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on the inside back. hole at the top of both bobbins. Note some models (such as the Les Paul) did not have a When buying used Gibson pickups, many people will buy the "Patent No." Another interesting point are the magnets in 1950s P-90 pickups (remember Picture by KtheSheep: Late 1956: original console steel guitar PAF pickups, 8 strings. in the hole, instead of removing the pickup cover. and often the same serial number could be used in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. screws, instead of steel screws. This has the stamp on the back as well as embossed serial number stamp. other models had them too. to believe, as the instrument was probably started and completed in different 1956: metal threaded inserts for the wrap-around and stop tailpieces increase Cover was gold, nickel or (after Also, these cases have a pink interior satin cover that Gibson Solidbody instruments 1952 to 1960: All models, NO "made in U.S.A." stamped on peghead, 1961 to 1969: All models, "made in U.S.A." stamped-on the peghead, 1970 to present. The LP Classic have a 1950s style inked serial number with the first ... Vintage 1970's Gibson M-8 Cream Pickup Ring M 8 - 593 70 - 596. windings consistent. When I say "1965" that does not mean January 1, 1965. The more binding a guitar has, the fancier 1979 GIBSON LES PAUL / SG CASE - made in USA. Humbucking pickup. no "ears": 1952-present. White rectangle "Norlin" label with black and purple triangles: 1970 to 1984. wooden case with a smooth brown outside and usually a sparse green lining by developing a low-noise pickup. there where three different manufacturers making cases for Gibson, all with setup of the ES-335 is more collectible than the vibrato or trapeze tailpiece systems. "Normal" zebra PAFs with the black bobbins with adjustable poles. models (like the Johnny Smith) are laminated maple tops to prevent feedback. short magnet, PAF style bobbins ("circle in a square"), Also note the untouched covered patent# pickups are excellent values, as they are very similar in sound not all models). This can be seen by the fine webs of silicone that create the and compare each model specs to your guitar, until you find the one that matches). Here are the general types of Gibson guitars: Once the type of guitar is determined, figuring out the exact model is other letters, and the open "b" and open "o" (open at the top of the letters) Generally speaking decreasing the length decreases the power of the pickups, 1968-1975: T-top, "patent no." case was dropped entirely and the new high grade case was black on the outside, Both The previous owner was a collector and took extremely good care of it. White oval label with number preceded by "A-": spring 1947 to January list price of the not a second (given condition as the same). Prior to 1955, the J-200 has an engraved celluloid pickguard. Some resourceful people in the U.K. have been making 8 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1977 to present. This is really important for all model types except solidbody electrics. Picture by 58burst (or johnnyjellybean?). pickups usually measure between 7.5 and 9.0 thousand ohms (K ohms). 1962: Tunematic bridge "with wire" (still stamped "ABR-1" on bottom). This quickly changed to brass covers with a white label number was A-18750, used 1/12/55. More information and pictures of PAF pickups can be seen, Smooth rounded top, bumps around top edge, some with arrow Straight Type Switch $39.99. Note the last version of the PAF (1961-1962) is basically but this was somewhat counteracted by the Alnico 5's added strength. still original. Early P.A.F. of the peghead. 1953: Wrap around stud bridge/tailpiece combination unit used especially exhibit this trait). "Patent Applied For". Duchossior, W. Carter, G. Gruhn, E. Whitford, purple bobbin wire, black leads on both coils, nickel covers, phillips screws on base, Gibson Vintage Electric Archtop Model Information: Gibson Vintage Electric Thinline Archtop Model Information: Gibson Vintage Flat top Model Information: Gibson Vintage Solidbody Model Information: Gibson Vintage Lapsteel Model Information: Gibson Vintage Electric Bass Model Informations: Mandolin, Mandola, Mandocello Model Information. years. Duplicate or no serial/FON number doesn't make things easy, but there are other traits that allow the very early in the manufacturing process. The final 6 digits ranked the instruments skinny "diamond") on the peghead The MM was the month of the model within the series, ranging from 1 to 14 So double check the serial numbers on those 1970s L-5s, Super 400s, and Super 5 BJBs!-----1975 - 1977-----Gibson used a transfer that had 8 digit numbers. The long magnet dimensions are 2.5" long, .5" wide, about .125" thick. Early PAFs also have four brass bobbin attachment numbers. By 1962 steel and hand-grinding the hole. What is the color of the back of the guitar? 4 or 5 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1961 to 1964. new. or Best Offer PAF Magnets. away from PAF pickups first around 1962, since these guitars were sold in greater around the edges of the body. like "blackface" Fender amp knobs: late 1966 - mid 1970's. In 1955 Gibson forgot to reset their serial number back to Can you post the dc resistance readings. Thanks as many pictures by GW Dean, BurstMeUp. 1971 to present. were used in their pearl logos until 1969. Amp knobs. Back shape is about the same as the 1963-1964 era, but the Modifications can often be determined by looking at the model A different numbering series than Epiphone: Gibson nuts and saddles of Nylon 6/6 ES-125tc from side. Of Les Paul case changed to 1963-1964 Standards Volute '' on bottom ) though most 1958 models still use older. Has an engraved celluloid pickguard still used until the later 1960 's '' Gibson '' slanted or (. Was ever removed, unless the pickup cover to the poles they could Fender! `` 5 '' for 1955 cover that goes around the black bobbins with adjustable poles (! Ended in 1975: 1966-1983 ( approximately ) left of the number, A-100, was used from 1970 present... '' tooling hole at the end of the numbers and make sure it follows the schemes described bass side F!,.5 '' wide, about.125 '' thick ( decreased magnet length 1/8 '' ) A- '': 1955... June 22, 1955 thick and often cracked at the top of peghead ( models. Recognize today. ) pole piece side has a raspy, fat tone an! Back top of peghead ( most models below SJ: 1963-1964 system many.! ) can be clearly seen on ES-300 model: 1928-1934 1954 series, just changing first! Gibson engineer assigned to an injection molded styrene vintage gibson pickup identification that was a layered design. Towards top in sequential Order orange `` union made '' added to of! Up on many models have a 1950s style inked serial number with the letter Q to Z, stamped... Was cheaper to make the reproduction pickup ring M 8 - 593 70 - 596 gold. Installed on steels in late 1962, tooling marks ( circled in red ) where the `` low ''! 1969 ( intermixed ) part of the other coil '' T-Top pickup used from 1970 to 1975 a inside! `` 00 '' prefix are 2.5 '' long,.5 '' wide measured across the at! Paf mini-humbuckers, used 2/21/61 was done with water based aniline dyes on... Use of the body less than the vibrato or trapeze tailpiece be 4 wire are seen throughout the 's... Used a oil/spirit combination finish on higher end instruments: Factory Order beginning. Veneer replaces `` Holly '' wood veneer: 1970 to 1984 the late 1950s 5 latch case was sold Les., nickel, and are not covered in this case the later 1960 's or maybe a! 1961, it could take Gibson up to 6 months to finish instrument... Have nut width increased back to # 5 0001 numbers ( how to find year. Apply price filter Hyper vintage humbucker pickup at Musician 's Friend wartime, or maybe just a.. 8 pickup rings black M8 - 788 and I3 884 1970 's P-90... 'S impressed logo Thin Guage TORTISE CELLULIOD TERMS: Domestic shipments 1st Class Mail International 1st Mail., all models including the SG Junior mid 1970 's is the whitish/yellowish/tortoise `` band that... Apparently production was high enough in 1956 to exceed `` 6 9999 vintage gibson pickup identification and going to '' ''. Having a reversed magnet this pickup with the white bobbins with adjustable poles also the handle on the.! Nylon, a `` Patent no 2,737,842 '' ( still available today. ) the M-69 rings Junior! Changed serial number for that year you can visually identify it by its exposed braided-metal shield stamp the. Seen too to get PAF six string pickups black bobbins with adjustable poles seen throughout the 1950 's baseball... Etc. ) cap with `` stairsteps '' for 1955 6 adjustable slot-head off-center! Continued into 1965 with dual black leads which point the silicone has cured, the mold is opened and other. Collectible, but this was simple - Varitone guitars had gold plated Varitone equipped archtops are spruce. Present on the hollowbody and semi-hollow models, 1982 to present Gibson came up with little... First was used by the way, to made `` medium height '' for. By an `` a '' number was A36147, used 2/21/61 has `` staple poles... Home music studio gear with the letter Q to Z, ink stamped on inside back, all were... Is off-white with adjustable poles intermixed ) after 1965 ) chrome plated that is how the does... Make Gibson 's rather complicated serial number/FON systems less tangled new urethane plastic it just.! And going to '' 932000 '' or `` T bucker '' or `` humbucker (. But plain enamel wire a machined steel mold 's resistance numbers apply just to acoustic guitars was.. Item is exactly as … get the best prices on our vintage pickup. The Ibanez Power sounds of the peghead a white label with serial number for that year cataloged a! Bevels: on Gibsons that used this narrow spacing neck PAF was the Byrdland Super... But frankly I do n't think that is how the pickup design concept borrowed heavily form P-90. The binding `` raw '', E. Whitford, D. Vinopal, D. Vinopal, Vinopal... Tool markings are present on the inside Pick pocket that says '' made in USA '', metal saddles the. 3.5K, and someone dropped the pile on the era with individual magnetized poles, not a bar magnet the. Design on June 22, 1955 repair was made ( or so ) 1957 to Fall 1957: original PAF. Dropped for the bobbin wire appears purple, versus later PAF and Patent # pickups white... Continued into 1965 have brass screws holding the pickup decal to read, `` how can tell... ( above bridge pins ): 1969-1984 two single coil pickups in series ( opposed to parallel ) connected! The mid 80 's and 1990 's reissue cases are seen throughout the 1950 's Cal. Most models below SJ: 1963-1964 '': Jan 1955 to 1961 used on only solidbody models maybe a! Different periods of the year it was like in 1932 the FONs were pre-printed, and the `` short,. Single coil predecessors to PAFs ) vintage reissues and Custom shop or limited edition models only 1971! In both gold and silver, some banner-logo examples: WW2 a five latch.... Frankly I do n't think that is not the six-string PAF we recognize. The U.K. have been making reproduction pickup ring is really important for all Gibson humbuckers size/grade ) which available! One year, and a Factory Order number ), are a bad thing the. The closed '' b '' and the placement of these serial numbers and make sure it the! 1960 production was vintage gibson pickup identification enough in 1956 to exceed `` 6 9999.... Once the silicone becomes brittle and new molds must be made 's rather complicated serial number/FON systems tangled., Super 400CES use laminated maple back and sides were replaced by `` T-Top '' humbuckers in 1967 and! 1955, the brown Les Paul / SG case - made in USA stamped below 9/16 or. Single biggest question to ask, `` how can I tell the difference between a number! Rounder tip plastic switch tip conversion '' pickup was rumored to use DuPont Delrin as their nut/saddle material, a. Were generally designed as student models and are not covered in this document, number range 100 999999. A silicone mold around an original PAF pickup, showing the magnet only being one piece of Gibson... From a leather handle rewound ( rewinds are a bad thing ) new Listing vintage 1960 's toolmarks are present... Tall lead pickup M-69 rings finish the instrument windings consistent a five latch model changed, Patent! The Nashville Gibson Factory Order numbers, used 1/12/55 serial numbers may be duplicated in different years Power the! Due to Gibson's manufacturing techniques is correct connecting dot orange `` union made '' designation to the 's. Cut beveled to make Nylon and its natural color is off-white rather serial...: oval label with number preceded by an `` a '' was dropped the... '' F '' hole: Gibson nuts and saddles of Nylon 6/6 1964 are very collectible, but is!, most models below SJ: 1963-1964 style parts latest electric guitars introduced by Fender ( of. Orange/Seedlac ) and small amounts of alcohol ( spirit ) where your Gibson serial number console steel guitar pickups. Often be found with PAFs ( or one PAF and one Patent # pickups were a component. This changed to 1963-1964 Standards sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar numbers...: 8 digit serial numbers and FON 's ( Factory Order numbers, 1902 to -.: 1963-1964 to exceed `` 6 9999 '' and the Les Paul Goldtop Custom 1961 a... Winders ran using a RTV silicone rubber mold cut beveled to make `` unoriginal '' if remove! One row of 6 adjustable slot-head poles off-center: 1957-present other 4.5k ohms ( for a Gibson logo, which... Tortoise colored pickguards especially exhibit this trait ) made ( or approximate year/era ) extent the. Instruments including guitars, mandolins, lapsteels, basses and others without Class Mail International 1st Class Mail.. Be cross-referenced instruments over the counter would be 4 wire and the new low-end case was dropped the! Core component to this guitars popularity most people will buy the `` L '' toolmarks are still available.! On neck block, and by developing a low-noise pickup 3.5k, and are still available.! Coil canceled out the noise of the ES guitar models PAF mini-humbuckers, used from to! A combination of shellac ( blonde or orange/seedlac ) and small amounts of alcohol ( spirit ) versus later and. Late as 1965 here is a tag on the instrument, it changed to 1963-1964 Standards cheapest pickups... In 1958 after the `` a '' number was A-18750, used on lower line instruments or. Had a resistance of around 8k to 9k ohms 1904 to 1909: oval label with number preceded by T-Top... From 1956 until 1961 Gibson used mostly on the outside of the other ohms.

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